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The plug-in application CAD Studio Fusion Tools (F-Tools) extends functionality of the CAD/CAM/CAE product Autodesk Fusion 360 in its Windows version. It is available as an affordable commercial licence activated by an individual key.

Fusion Tools - ribbon


Using Fusion Tools

"F-Tools" is an add-on C++ application (plug-in) for Windows versions of Autodesk Fusion 360. Its automatic installation program creates - in all Fusion workspaces - two ribbon tabs to run all its functions (ribbon tabs: CS F-TOOLS and CS HELPDESK). On its first run (after trial), you need to invoke its licence activation (see CAD eShop).

Other application settings are available in F-Tools Configuration. Here you can set the web address of your technical support provider - by default:


Repeat command

In the menu Tools > Add-ins you can find a new pseudo-command added by F-Tools - repeating of the last command. By assigning a keyboard shortcut to this pseudo-command (e.g. the Spacebar) you can add simple command repetition to Fusion 360 - repeat any issued command just by hitting this shortcut key, e.g. your spacebar - like in AutoCAD.

Fusion Tools - command repeat
Edit Custom Properties

Allows to add predefined Properties and component types (produced, bought, reference, etc. - for BOM) to the individual components. The list of available Properties can be preset on the Settings tab ("Open Config" button). The configuration file (XML) then contains individual pairs "internal_name;prompt". The subsequently entered values of these Properties are then stored in the model with the respective selected components.

Fusion Tools - Property

Creates a structured Bill Of Materials table containing parts of the current model. The structured BOM can be then exported to Excel. You can setup types of the individual components and assign their physical and custom properties (see the previous function).

Fusion Tools - BOM
Move To Origin

Moves the selected model element to the origin point (0,0,0) and optionally grounds it in this location.

Projected Entities As Construction

Sets all projected geometry as construction geometry.

Units Conversion

Opens an interactive converter of physical units with conversions of more than 800 different measurement units - length, time, area, volume, force, speed, power, flux and more. Contains international and historical physical units.

Fusion Tools - Jednotky


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