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VaultADsync - link Active Directory with Vault

CADstudio VaultADsync is a companion standalone tool for Autodesk Vault Server which synchronizes your company's Active Directory database (LDAP) to your Vault Server database (ADMS). Synchronized user credentials allow to manage Vault PDM users and any changes in their names and groupings from a single source of truth - your company's Microsoft AD.

You can both create new Vault accounts and update existing Windows-login-mode Vault accounts from your central Active Directory. VaultADSync takes care about any new groups (e.g. new project groups), new users (e.g. new employees, new group members), user regrouping (e.g. new work assignments), and changing user accounts or groups (e.g. disabling leaving employees, changed e-mail addresses or changed family names when getting married, group renaming), etc. The key-link value between AD and Vault are the user login names. Any mixed-mode users (separate non-Windows-domain Vault credentials - login+password) will be skipped in VaultADSync.

VaultADsync is compatible with Vault Server 2018, 2019 and 2020. It consumes one Vault client license for the moment it synchronizes the accounts.

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VaultADsync Usage

Conditions to be followed

The Vault AD Sync tool uses an Active Domain account for its activities (Windows-login mode):

  • reading from the Active Directory
  • reading from the Vault
  • writing into the Vault

Therefore this account - the managing account (Windows login) for the ADSync tool - has to be preset as an Administrator in Vault and:

  • must already exist in your Vault (must be preset in the Vault)
  • must have appropriate rights within both the AD and Vault

A typical scenario is letting the VaultADsync run (synchronize) the user/group tree once or twice a day (or hour) from a separate machine - e.g. from a server - under a Windows AD account having Admin rights in your Vault ADMS.

The Vault AD Sync tool can be used only within single Active Domain.