Is it possible to buy a perpetual license?
Autodesk has ended sales of perpetual licenses at two dates:
1. Stand-alone products and products from the LT family at 31 January 2016
2. product packages (suites) at July 31, 2016

What is a maintenance plan or subscription to a perpetual license?
Earlier Maintenance subscription provides upgrades to new versions during the contract duration, add-ons published between versions, promotion and application of CAD Studio CS+ , option use previous versions, licenses for home use and other benefits. 

What is a renewal of the contract?
Renew the subscription to a permanent license - maintenance - or rent after the expiry of the current rental or maintenance. For the extension, it must purchase the appropriate renewal.

How does a rented license differ from perpetual licenses?
Rent license - Subscription, formerly Desktop Subscription, is providing software licenses (functionally identical) only for a defined period of time after the trial license expires. Before the expiry it can be extended - renew . Within the rental, the customer receives similar benefits as in the case of a maintenance plan to a permanent license.

The payment for renting is a one-off?
Yes, for rental price is valid for the entire period. The period is always mentioned in the title option after selecting variants then you can see it in the product name.

What happens when the subscription expires?
After the end of the period for which the subscription was purchased, the product stops working. For its further use, you must purchase a renewal (extension) before the end of the previous period. After the end of the period, you can switch to another product that is better for your needs, for example: instead of AutoCAD LT you can choose Revit LT, Inventor LT or Fusion 360.

It is the license subscription only for one computer?
Subscribed software can be installed on multiple computers (up to 3), but it can be used only by one user at the same time. The user is identified by a unique account name - Autodesk ID.

What's CS+?
Package of bonus products and services provided only by Arkance Systems (CAD Studio) to Autodesk products. Includes in particular: add-on applications (by product), block libraries, families, models, materials, templates, tutorials, access to Arkance Systems helpdesk, database access, VIP tips. 

How can I get technical support for products purchased?
Technical help using purchased software applications can be found on the Arkance Systems Helpdesk and on the portal

Can I pay without VAT or refund VAT?
If you are buying as a company (EU countries only) with a valid VAT ID in EU, you can pay by wire without tax. In this case please ask for approval by e-mail to When you pay by card you can refund tax by EU law.

Where can I find the current Autodesk license terms?
See the Autodesk website: Software License Agreements 

What is the difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT?
LT version does not support some 3D functions, some advanced features and has no add-on applications.