Pressure Drops

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Pressure Drops is an Autodesk® Revit® plugin, which enables MEP designers to easily calculate pressure drop of HVAC ducts. Pressure Drops works independently of the default Revit pressure drop calculation, so users can calculate Pressure Drop independent of the ASHRAE tables, which are not applicable in many countries.

Pressure Drops offers user friendly user interface, where selected duct rout parts are displayed. User has a quick overview of the route and is able to set loss factor for each part independently. The pressure drop of the whole route is calculated independent of ASHRAE tables based on the rout data from the model. Loss factor can be assigned to every part, even to parts which do not offer this option in the default Revit interface. Finding and calculating critical path is very easy with Pressure Drops, the same applies for calculating pressure drop after changes have been made in the project. The application supports pressure drop calculation on rectangular, round and oval types of ducts.

The application is compatible with Autodesk Revit® 2024/2023/2022/2021.

Trial version of Pressure Drops with full functionality for 15 days can be downloaded from the product page.