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The "Railway Tools" extension extends the CAD Autodesk Civil 3D design tool for tools specifically designed for railway infrastructure design in Czech and Slovak conditions. It uses civilian tools for the terrain model, the communication cradle and its fitting into the field, the creation of longitudinal and transverse profiles and others. All parametric and online links - changes in the route are reflected in profiles, etc. Railway Tools offers functions for automatic calculation and design of the arc, including its detailed description, as well as tools for connecting and distributing routes. It also solves the generation of longitudinal profiles with a description of the railway superstructure materials or complete directional ratios including geometric parameters of arcs and crossings. The switch module allows insertion of simple, arc and intersection switches, and, of course, the template of the upper monorail and double-track track can also be missed. Roller bed subassemblies allow you to automatically generate the correct shape of a gravel structure that corresponds to the type of interlocking or stripless track. By simply changing the route parameters, the entire designed corridor can be changed immediately - from drawings of the longitudinal profile and cross sections to the calculation of the gravel bed cubes and subsequent earthworks.

Compatible with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2023, 2022, 2021 a 2020. A trial 14-day version is available on request.